PAL System

We have an important philosophy at Mission Control that participants can be responsible to manage and help each other, rather than relying solely on party volunteers to act as party police¬Ě. When people have a friend to support them at an event, everyone tends to be more centered and better able to navigate and negotiate responsibly.

In order to help maintain a safe, playful, and responsibly hedonistic playspace, we use an approach called the PAL system (Pervy Activity Liason). Whether you are male or female, if you want to come to Kinky Salon, Pink, Essence, or Threshold the following rules apply:

Please arrive & leave with a trusted friend (not necessarily a date) as your PAL.

Your PAL can be the same gender, a different gender or even a couple.

You are responsible for your PAL’s behavior and they are responsible for yours!

You can’t PAL someone you don’t know. You must know them and trust them.

If either of you violate consent or the event agreements, you will both be held responsible.

Frequently Asked Questions

I am a single guy. Can my PAL be another single guy?

YES! As long as you know and trust them, you can testify to their good character and agree to keep an eye on each other, your PAL can be any gender.

We are a couple and we have a single friend- can we bring them with us?

YES! Please do!

I am a single girl. Do I really need to bring a PAL?

YES! They can be a another person of any gender or a couple.

I am a single guy. Am I welcome?

YES! Your PAL can be another person of any gender or a couple. We ask that you are respectful, understand and follow the event agreements, meet the event dress code, and participate creatively.

I am a genderqueer/non-binary gender person Am I welcome?

YES! People of all genders are welcome at Mission Control events.

Can I meet someone online, arrive with them, and then go off and party?

NO! You must know your PAL, be able to testify to their good character, and trust them. To come to the event with someone you don’t know and trust is disrespectful to our community and compromises the safety of the space.

Can I make last minute plans, call my friend who is already there, and get them to meet me at the door and be my PAL?

YES! As long as they can meet you at the door when you arrive.

If I arrive 15 minutes before my PAL can I hang out at the party till they arrive?

YES! But we will ask you to stay in the lobby so that you are there when they arrive.

Can I come with a group of three or more single PALs?

YES! As long as you all arrive together and all agree to support and be responsible for each other.

Why do you recommend leaving together?

The ONLY reason you should leave without your PAL is if you you really trust them to be responsible and make an agreement with someone else to support them as their PAL after you leave. Watching out for each other is the way we prevent out-of-control late night shenanigans!

What happens if my PAL misbehaves?

If we see something inappropriate, we will talk to them and then we will find you and talk to you. If it is serious, then they will be banned and you will get a warning. If you are not there, we will get your email address from your PAL and contact you after the event. The best way to resolve and prevent inappropriate behavior is for you and your PAL to check-in with each other before things get out of hand.

Will I get kicked out if my PAL misbehaves?

You might. It depends on the situation.

What if I am new in town, single and don’t know anyone?

Check out our facebook group and meet some people! But make sure you get to know them before you bring them to an event as your PAL. Meeting people on the internet so you can get in to an event can be problematic because you don’t know if you can trust them. You MUST know and trust your PAL.

Questions? Email us!

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