Velvet, Now Once a Month!


Velvet will now be happening monthly! Every first Friday of the month.

Friday, September 23rd

8pm to 2am

~ DJ Black (Ships in the Night and Hella Gay)

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Cost for Members: $20 (No pre-sale tickets not required for Velvet) Free for Allies

Ever been to a hot and heavy queer dance party, found a sweaty little cutie, and wished you had some place to sneak away and get it on? Yea, we have that.

Brought to you by one of the founders of the legendary Girl Pile and located in the same venue as the infamous Kinky Salon.

VELVET is a sensuous, intimate, private party for fierce femmes, badass butches, bois, transmen, transwomen, genderqueer and intersex queers.

Whether you are shy, exhibitionist, experienced or have never been to a party like this before, we want YOU! Bring your toys, bring your friends!

Warm up for the evening with a Pre-Party Workshop 8-9 pm:

“Pick up arts for Sweethearts: How to approach hotties without being a jerk”with Rebekah

Rebekah is a local entertainment technician who can often be found in gear closets and dressing rooms of our favorite venues. She had learned a lot in those dark, odd places. She has focused her research in overcoming becoming an awkward AV nerd.

Dancing with DJ Black

Girl on Girl Wrestling

VELVET features music, games and cupcakes!

DANCE in our mirrored booty room –with sexy pole action!

QUIVER as you submit yourself to the masterful hands of our spanking mistresses!

LUXURIATE in our glamorous, sexual playspaces!

THRILL to the visual delights of our special dvd collection–featuring the Crash Pad series from Pink and White Productions - and our incredible live performances!

VELVET is a party like no other!

Private event. 21 and over only (we check ID!). We don’t serve alcohol, so BYOB.

You’ve got questions? We’ve got answers. Don’t be shy–send an email to

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