Our Mission


Mission Control is a safe community gathering place for the open exchange of sex-positive creativity, education, playfulness, and communication.

Thoughtful, welcoming, and open-minded Volunteers and Allies help maintain our intimacy and safety at each event. To everyone who helps make the magic happen, Thank You!


As a 501c(7) social club, we are organized for the pleasure and recreation of our members.  Members meet together regularly at events, socials, and workshops, as well as our annual meetings.  Part of serving our members includes offering a variety of events that together appeal to a broad spectrum of communities and interests.



About our current locations:
These are large private spaces generously offered to us from people within the community. Events are planned throughout the year, with several events each month. Please check the Mission Control member calender for upcoming event dates, as the schedule is updated regularly.



About Mission Control’s permanent home:
Our Mission now includes finding a long term home for us to gather together. The goal is to find exactly the right place, and meeting that goal will take some time.




Mission Control is volunteer-based and member-supported social club that co-creates artistic, sensual, and social evolution.

We are brought together by a shared interest in community, connection, co-creation and consent. We host social and educational events that promote principles of healthy human interactions: pleasure, communication, and exploration. Our events encourage freedom and creativity in all forms, including sexuality. Although sexual expression is a feature of our events, it’s not the focus.



Mission Control is a private social club. Members pay annual dues which gives them access to free parties, special discounts, and the ability to bring guests. Our members are diverse, representing many different creative and sexual sub-cultures including: Queer, Poly, BDSM, Lifestyle, Trans, Tantra, and everything in between.

If you would like to learn more about becoming a member click here .

If you’re not ready to become a member but would like to come to an event, our current members are allowed to bring guests, so start making friends. Find us on FacebookFetlife and Kotango

Any questions about Mission Control, including membership, can be emailed to

info (at) MissionControlSF.org


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