Mission Control is a society that celebrates alternative culture and ethical relationships.

Please join us for our ongoing relationship series!

  • September 13: Find Your Love Flavor; Vanilla is just the beginning with Liz Powell
  • September 27: Playing in the Hall of Mirrors: Discovering your playground with Cleo Dubois
  • October 11 : Female Dominance: The Joy of Topping with Rain DeGrey
  • October 12 : Power Bottoming with Dossie Easton
  • October 25 : Conscious Casual with William Winters and Misha Bonaventura
  • November 1 : Far From Shore: Navigating Shifting Identities with Marcia Baczynski
  • November 6 : How to Make Friends with Your Jealousy with Dossie Easton
  • November 15 : Mapping Your D/s Archetype with Midori
  • November 29 : In Your Place: Headspace and Protocols in Power Exchange with Shay and Stefanos
  • December 6 : Bridging Desire Differences: When your styles are not the same with Francesca Gentile